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Film for windows. So what is the big deal?


Well, privacy window film has many advantages for residential and commercial properties, some are completely obvious and others are not as well known.

For your home applying privacy window film to your windows will keep prying eyes from looking into your home. We all have windows so we can look outside, and that remains the same. Passers by or neighbours can easily look into your home. This can be a security issue or just simply make you feel uncomfortable in your own home.

The less obvious benefit is that it can filter out harmful UV rays and prevents direct sunlight from coming into your home. The direct sunlight and UV rays do affect ageing and discolouration of furniture, paint and floors. By preventing the harmful sunlight, but still getting the warmth and light from natural sunlight you have a winning combination.

The film also adds to your security. The film used has a similar effect as the smash and grab film on your car windows. It will not prevent a person from breaking the window and entering, but is surely makes it more difficult.

In addition to the external privacy you want many houses are built with open areas which combines the lounge and sitting room. Sometimes this works great, but depending on your needs you might want to have these areas separated. Building a wall is not an option, but a divider glass with privacy film will give you exactly what you need, an easy way to separate two areas.

The most obvious here is you do not want everyone on the outside looking into your office. Your staff would also not be very pleased if people are staring at them working.

Adding window film to your windows facing pedestrian or other traffic solves this problem completely. You still get the light and warmth you want from the sunlight and can see the outside, but they can’t see you.

Inside your office you might have a meeting room. Having one that has glass surrounding it looks stunning. But it comes at a price, everyone on the outside can see what is going on.

This might not be what you want and a custom designed film can and beauty and privacy to the room without taking away any of the aesthetic value.

A common use for window film is an open office environment. You might want to have managers in their own space, or have some separation with the office staff. Dividers with privacy glass makes it look stunning and adds the privacy to your staff they need.


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